Hits in a Box documentation is intended as a learning tool to help you get the most out of your investment in your website. It serves as a reference guide for everything from making a simple edit to a sentence to building an eCommerce application.

We don’t recommend you read the entire documentation; much of it might not apply to your website. Do use it:

  • to gain a general understanding of your Hits in a Box website and the apps you will be using;
  • when you are having trouble accomplishing a task;
  • when you are learning something new.

To navigate the site, use the menu at the left. Click on a category header to reveal its content. Click it again to hide the content.

To better illustrate how Hits in a Box and its features work, examples are provided throughout this documentation sourcing a fictional company, Don’s Auto Repair & Sales.

We have attempted to make the documentation simple and easy to use. If you have a suggestion to improve the site, we welcome your feedback: fill out the comments section located at the bottom of each page.

If you have questions after reading the documentation, please contact us for additional help by clicking the "I STILL NEED HELP" button at the bottom of the page.



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